Due Diligence Processes Emerging in Other Counties / Cities

Unlike Clatsop County, other Cities, Counties and States are putting standard, transparent, due diligence processes in place to ensure that low income housing can and will get built where it is needed.

Due Diligence Processes that Exist or are EmergingLinks
Tillamook County has a Housing Commission with members that have professional experience in a relevant field such as banking, construction, development, realty, education, social work, the legal professions, or another category hereinClick Here
Deschutes County has an RFP process for evaluating developers and their plans. (See section 3 Click Here
Lincoln City and Astoria use experienced and successful developers of Low-Income Housing. (Innovative Housing Inc. – IHI)Lincoln City
Click Here Astoria – Click Here
Florida has a complete set of Best Practices to support local governments in the implementation of surplus land disposition to benefit the development of affordable housing as required by Florida Statutes 125.379 and 166.0451 (2017), referred to in this
guidebook as the “surplus land statutes.”
Click Here
Teton County, Wyoming has an Affordable Workforce Housing Standards and a Checklist. These standards have as their goal the sustained integration of the workforce into the communities in which they work. People will live in the communities in which they work rather than having to commute to the communities in which they work. As such, the standards require that development which creates growth in number of employees is only allowed with a commensurate growth in the availability of housing in which those employees will live.

<This approach strategically addresses the social need and benefits of housing>
Standards – Click Here
Checklist –Click Here
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